About the Author

me-smallerKathy Tremblay is a writer who also happens to have years of experience as a “career & life” coach, working with students (high school) and adults who were looking to find vocations that were best suited for them. Working in public high schools, Kathy met with many students who didn’t really know what direction to take after graduation. Using numerous career exploration tools – including the visualization techniques discussed in the book – as well as other activities, many of these students now contact Kathy to thank her for believing in their dreams, and for encouraging them to take action towards them.

She has also worked in numerous grant-funded positions to help encourage and empower those who were experiencing a variety of hardships in their lives.

In addition, Kathy has helped countless clients in developing strong resumes and cover letters as well as compelling job search and interview skills. Introduced as “Mrs. Glass-Half-Full” by one of her former high school students, Kathy motivates and inspires readers with her personal and heart-felt style.

She and her husband, John split their time between New England and Florida.

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